Gardenworks Farm

A century old, third generation family farm in upstate New York.


Gardenworks Farm:
Past and Future

As the third generation of farmers, my goal is to keep the farm a productive farm. I value the miles of contiguous fertile farmland in the Black Creek Valley and want to manage the land well so that future generations will farm the same open fields.

As we plant our crops, we strive to create the best growing conditions so that the plants thrive and require little pest control. We mulch, irrigate and monitor. We harvest the quality you want on your table.

Ultimately, our mission is to share the pleasure of good food, the joy of beautiful surroundings and the importance of conserving farmland.


—Meg McEachron Southerland

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What We Believe

Customers are #1!

Friendly service is essential.

Quality reigns. 

Farm fresh is best!

Good things happen when co-workers build a team with common goals.

Hard work is rewarding.

Customers help us sustain the farm.