Gardenworks Farm

A century old, third generation family farm in upstate New York.

Spring 2018

Spring 2018 Banner.png

Spring is a season of anticipation.  We hope winter planning will result in the best production year ever. Lucille and Sue look forward to nurturing fragile seedlings in the greenhouse. Pansies are favorites due to their happy colors and endurance!

As weather allows, Rob and Jose prune the blueberries & raspberries expecting a bountiful harvest. They rototill the pumpkin fields and place the irrigation lines in preparation for planting.

Bridget and Shan turn the Gardenworks Barn inside out as they add bright spring colors to the flower display, candles and clothing. It looks and feels like the world is waking up!

It tastes like spring when we cut the first rhubarb, asparagus, lettuce & pull young scallions and radishes. Annette Nielsen accents the best spring flavors in her April 28 food demo. Spring at Gardenworks means new beginnings in every field & corner of the barn! A fresh start!